5 Fundamental Errors Businesses Do In Mobile App Development

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Do you have a groundbreaking idea for a mobile app? You are probably thinking to leverage mobile app development to fulfill any business objective. Well, this totally makes sense. After all, we are living in the era of mobile devices and apps are in huge popularity amongst mobile users. In fact, there are thousands of stories of companies that have made the most of mobile apps to meet their business goals.

Yet, the SMBs are still in search for the right approach to mobile app development. In this post, we will see 5 common app development mistakes you must avoid to ensure maximum return of your investment. Read on.

Selecting a wrong mobile platform
iOS, Android and Windows are top 3 mobile app development platforms. Do you want to build an app for all 3 or any one of them? Raise as many questions as you can in order to justify your decision. Evaluate the potential of each platform in compliance with your business needs. You need not to blindly follow the market trends. Instead there are many things to ponder in order to make right platform selection.
For example, if you are launching an app for USA only, iOS makes a right choice. And if you are thinking to roll out your business app in multiple countries, Android tops the list. Making a wrong selection of the platform can lead to failure of the app or restrict your business growth.

Considering web and mobile development one and same
Technically speaking, website development and mobile app development are two entirely different things. Both demand different skill-sets, knowledge and different technologies or tools. Goes without saying, you can’t hire a web development company with no experience and expertise into app development for your mobile app development project.
Unlike websites, mobile apps are more handy; they can be accessed anytime anywhere on the go. Apps need more interactive UI (User Interface). A mobile app, when designed right, can create outstanding user experience. Choose your mobile app development company wisely. AJA Softtech, a leading mobile app development company based in India, houses a talent pool of app developers who build robust, scalable and secure apps with award-winning UX.

Thinking for monetization when app is ready
There are many app monetization models to choose from; you can use in-app purchases, in-app advertising or earn from the app downloads. No matter which monetization model you choose for your app, it is vital to finalize it before you begin with the app development. This proactive approach will help you win success in the app store.

Overlooking the importance of app marketing
When you roll out your app in the app store, you begin competing with hundreds or tens of hundreds of other apps’ publishers. In such scenario, if you want to ensure that your app gain ample visibility amidst target audience, app marketing is a must. I recommend hiring a company who offers both app development and app marketing services under same roof. This can make you save a considerable amount of time and money, taking all the hassles out.

No need of third party app testing
So, are you going to test your mobile app on own? Try not. Get a mobile development company who ensure third party beta testing of your app using latest analytics tools and leveraging qualified QA professionals before they release the app. It may not be easy for you to spot technical flaws or functionality bugs. Do thorough testing before you launch the app to the app store.

Hope these tips will help you ensure successful app development.

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