7 Smart Things Your Android Wear Smartwatches Can Do

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So, are you a proud owner of Android Wear SmartWatch or thinking to shop one very soon? Do you know what amazing things your pricey possession is capable of doing? It is not just about seeing weather, playing few games or viewing incoming messages right on your wrist. You will be surprised that your hi-tech gadget can do some fantastic things that are beyond your imagination.

1. Connect to Your Mobile Phone
If you have the latest version of Android Wear, you can connect it to your mobile phone even if it is miles away. Make sure that both your SmartWatch and mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network, and then you can access emails or even send messages via your SmartWatch. Just your compatible SmartWatch should be set to automatic in its Wi-Fi settings and Android Wear Cloud sync should be on. Your phone must be there to key in Wi-Fi password in a new location.

2. Get Directions Right on Your Wrist
Traveling somewhere new? Feeling lost? Getting location directions has never been so easier before. When you are driving a car, you cannot access your mobile phone to get directions, but you can use your SmartWatch, right? Now your Android Wear SmartWatch can get you directions turn by turn, but make sure that your phone is in the car with you. Just say “OK Google, navigate to” and mention the location. Turn by turn direction will appear on your SmartWatch.

3. Stay on Top of Latest News
Your Android Wear SmartWatch can now get you breaking news and weather reports so that you can plan things likewise. Google Now automatically organizes your information into simple cards that will appear when you need it. All you need to do is sign in and adjust the settings to have the right information at the right time without having to search for it. It will also give you important info like “11 a.m. meeting is on schedule,” while mentioning factors like location, weather conditions and traffic.

4. Voice Search Made Easy
You never knew but you can use your Android Wear SmartWatch to text your friend or ask a question absolutely hands-free. To active Voice Search, say “OK Google,” which indicates your SmartWatch to listen as you ask a question. You can also set a reminder with Voice Search. Whatever you say will be converted into a text that you can send to others. So, no more typing!

5. Keep a Tap on your Health
Android Wear SmartWatch comes loaded with several fitness apps that can help you monitor your health and track progress. There are apps that provide heart rate measurements, running or cycling data, while there are others that let you track fitness data.

6. Draw Emojis and Send Across
Using your SmartWatch is fun now! Interact with your friends via hand-drawn Emojis. As you start sketching the emoji, your device will recognize it and give you a list to choose from.

7. Gesture Control Functions
With the latest 5.1.1 Android Wear SmartWatch, gesture control functions come handy when you cannot use the other hand. Flick your wrist and browse through Google Now cards. It’s simple!

Hope these tips will help you ensure successful app development.

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