8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Ecommerce Website Developer

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Building an ecommerce store? Are you planning to hire a professional ecommerce website developer to create a successful online store? No matter how creative your idea of ecommerce website development is, unless you have the right web developer to execute the plan, you cannot give shape to your expectations. Don’t worry. We will help you choose the right ecommerce developer for your online store. Here are the 8 important questions to ask before hiring a professional website developer for your ecommerce store.

1. What is your experience in building ecommerce websites?
When you look for a developer, it’s not surprising that he will confuse you with high-tech jargons, representing his experience and knowledge in this field. But that does not reflect their expertise in true sense. Know for how many years they have been in ecommerce development. Go through their portfolio or examples of ecommerce websites they have developed before. Look into the design, features and user experience of every website they share. See whether he has experience in building ecommerce websites that meet your requirements or whether they harness latest technologies and tools to create cutting-edge and innovative online stores. In addition to years of experience, it is important to consider efficiency and competence of the developer.

2. Which ecommerce platform/software do you use?
Before interviewing the developer, this is something that you should know yourself. If you want to build a high-performance and successful ecommerce website, you have to choose a platform that is easy- to use and intuitive, and at the same time, rich in powerful features. It is important to note that some ecommerce platforms are paid, while others are Open Source solutions, i.e. free. The platform should be flexible and allow the developer to customize your online store according to your needs.

3. How you can make my ecommerce website unique?
In today’s competitive business environment, only creativity and uniqueness works. The more distinctly you target your users, better will they be engaged and come back to your online store again and again. Ask your ecommerce website developer what special features he would incorporate into your site to make it appealing and unique. Will he work on an existing theme or create a custom one? Will he build any features from scratch or harness the ones that the ecommerce software offers?

4. Can you have my ecommerce website to be user friendly? This is a must. If you are unable to provide a seamless user experience to your website visitors, the bounce rate will be higher. Ask the developer what he will do to make your online store responsive and user friendly.

5. Will my ecommerce website be optimized?
Remember, all the time and money you spent on your ecommerce store will go waste if your customers can’t find you in search engines. It is important that the developer implements the best SEO practices to improve visibility of your site and generate quality traffic.

6. How will I manage and edit my site?
As your business grows, you will have to update your site continuously and make it more relevant and interesting to your customers. You may even modify or add new features to your site. Ensure that your developer makes it easier for you to manage and edit your website. All logins, passwords and files should be shared with you and he should keep backups of the site.

7. What are your terms of contract?
Make sure that everything is outlined in a written agreement in a manner that is easier for both of you to understand. The agreement should include fees and payment structure, additional fees if any, deadlines and post development fees. It should also include all your expectations regarding the project.

8. What is your payment structure?
Your developer should give you a detailed structure of payment. Whether he is to be paid hourly or has a fixed price, depending on the project. Are there any additional fees? What is the cost of post development & maintenance? Make sure there are no hidden fees that would come as a surprise to you.

Getting reliable answers for these questions will help you hire an experienced and competent ecommerce website developer for your online store.

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