Android Mobile Game: 5 Secrets Behind Mobile Game Download

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Want to boost download for your games? Increase hits at the App Store? App Store Optimization (ASO) is the secret behind increased mobile game download. An important marketing tactic for game developers, ASO is the key to make your app more visible, gaining organic downloads. Many mobile game development companies consider organic downloads as the most important form of target users. They are not only more engaged than users acquired via advertising, but also monetize at a higher percentage than the latter. Therefore, most mobile game companies focus on improving visibility of their gaming apps on App Store and increase organic downloads. So, here are the top secrets to boost app store visibility and increase mobile game downloads.

1. Keyword Analysis
Yes, even your mobile gaming app needs to be optimized with the right keywords to boost its visibility and rankings in the App Store. There are many tools for competitive keyword spying and keyword planning that let you identify what keywords an app currently ranks for. These tools also suggest related keywords and what your competitors are using. Since mobile app users scroll through fewer search results, it is vital to appear in the top 10 results for a particular search query. You should focus on the related keywords likewise. For major brands, high volume keywords can fetch top rankings. But for an average mobile game developer, larger scope lies in choosing less competitive keywords.

2. Name the Game Carefully
Users will identify your gaming app with its name or keywords. It stands as the first gateway or barrier to achieve success in the App Store. The name should suggest your potential users something relevant, important and concrete about the game that they might download. Make sure that the name is not so cryptic and quirky that users can never make out what the game is all about. At the same time, it should be unique and creative enough to stand out from your competitors. Often, following the trend with a popular gaming app may increase download but there should be something unique awaiting the users. On the other hand, only first 25 characters of the app name appear in search. So, incorporate the most important information about the app in those 25 characters.

3. Keywords in the Title and Description
Optimizing the game title and description is also the secret to higher downloads and better visibility. According to a research, 63% of gaming apps are discovered via searches on app store. Even if your game has low market penetration, if it is well optimized with competitive keywords, chances are high that a user will come across your app and choose to download it. Therefore, it is crucial to integrate the most searched keywords into the game title and description to make it more searchable and quicker to discover.

4. Build a LSI Landing Page for the Game Having a microsite or well-optimized landing page for your gaming app is good to let iOS and Google Play identify your app easily and give it a higher ranking in the app store. Optimize your landing page or microsite with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords that are closely related and synonymous words that help search engines to identify what the page or game is all about. For instance, when users are searching ‘Car,’ the search engine should understand whether the search is about the vehicle or movie Cars. Likewise, it can identify from the webpage’s LSI keywords whether it relates to each other or not. This will help your gaming app to get a higher ranking in the app store.

5. Make your Game More Engaging with Videos and Snapshots
A picture or snapshots of your gaming app is the best way to keep your visitors engaged and inspire them to download it. To make it even more appealing, upload a short video of gameplay and that would be more impactful on your visitors.

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