iPhone Upgrade Program by Apple: How It will be a Game Changer

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It has about 8 weeks since Apple launched its fleet of latest iPhones (iPhone 6S and 6S Plus), Apple TV and a lot more; in the same event, which was held on 9th October this year in the USA, the company also announced its first-of-its-kind iPhone Upgrade program. And a recent survey conducted amongst 6400 Apple customers reveal that 20% of them are willing to opt for this new finance scheme introduced by Apple Inc.

A Quick Glance at the iPhone Upgrade Program
Some major highlights of this program are as follows:

  • You get an access to a new iPhone device every year
  • Your iPhone will come unlocked, and you are free to choose any wireless mobile carrier
  • You just need to pay a small EMI starting from $32.41/month1 to register for the program
  • You leverage the security and protection offered by AppleCare+

As a part of this program, you simply need to finish the first 12 installments and you can trade in your existing iPhone for the latest iPhone of the time. We know that Apple has a tradition of launching new product line every year

Moreover, this time the company isn’t tying your with a single mobile carrier and fixed rate plan. Instead this time the choice is totally yours, i.e. consumers. You can either carry on with the existing carrier contract or buy a new one from different carrier.

So, if you are thinking to buy a new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus then don’t pay full amount of $649 straightaway, instead you can sign up for the upgrade program and you will be paying total sum of $777.84, which is inclusive of Apple Care+ 2-year insurance package of amount $129. This insurance will look after for both software and hardware repair support your iPhone may require.

What are the key benefits offered by the program?
Introducing this program, Apple isn’t just enforcing all major mobile carrier companies to get more competitively prices packages for consumers but the company will also leverage increased customer loyalty and improved customer relationship.

Although company hasn’t revealed any plan on what they will do with the used iPhones they will receive as a part of this program, the experts assume the used pieces will be sold at attractive prices after refurbishment. Overall, the iPhone upgrade program will help company boost revenues and will also help expand customer-base worldwide.

Steven Milunovich, an expert analyst, finds the iPhone Upgrade Program as a must-grab deal! As predicated by a recent post by Barron’s, the iPhone upgrade program can truly help Apple win the market against existing mobile carriers and eventually witness a huge surge into revenues.

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