Enterprise Software Solution

As per global overview, the value for an enterprise not just by enhancing our technology but also it need to improvement over our business processes and maximize benefit as well as providing help to manage risks. Enterprise software solutions are available at plenty of set of programs. AJA SoftTech offers following enterprise criteria like.

  • Application Development & Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Core Business Operations Consulting
  • ERP Integration
  • ERP Solutions
  • Information Management Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Outsourcing
  • Scalable Implementation
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Migration and Integration
  • Technical Support

For the purpose of understanding and managing the critical anxiety, we as AJA SoftTech are a diverse group of creative and tested technology professionals with multi-business skills.

Our consultants have advanced skills in these business organizing

  • Innovative direction in Business progress
  • Effect on cost with IT technology management
  • Manage and improvement in customer relationship
  • Execution of the project is fast
  • Managing implementations for on time and within budget delivery
  • Development and Growth of the business process in Logically approach

Our apps are for emphasis flow of work, maximum access, high security and Scalability. If our business is growing or not it simply fall on flexibility of the mobile technology.

Due to the expeditious development of mobile technology in recent years, you would be hard pressed to catch a business that would not take benefit from a custom application. For easy access to our organization increase speeds the information at any time on any device.

How the system integrates?

  • Business process needs automotive ideas
  • Clubbing of apps can help in time reducing manner, increase efficiency
  • linking bridge is developed that allows access to data in different formats on one common platform
  • Strategy with effective system integration solution

How to manage Enterprise content?

It is necessary that enterprise have number of documents, data, records, images and much more which are may be unstructured and in varied formats. However, it is too difficult solving this matter by the traditional way and it’s not much successful to manage. Sometimes it can be frustrating and even impossible to find proper document. Therefore, as an enterprise, you need a common system that can capture, store, preserve, control and manage entire information or simply Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. To create efficient information systems, paperless information lifecycle management tools enhance efficiency of the business process significantly. We as leading enterprise solutions provide you all these content management systems to streamline the information flow and ensure security.

How to generate Mobility Enterprise?

AJA SoftTech and Consultancy help you to define your business processes and progress in the growth of the mobility solution. Analysis of business requirements is more important to us by the analysis we devise the best fitting methodology to create mobility enterprise solutions for end users.

  • Mobile devices are there which have brought revolution in the IT industry in this era
  • New age mobility solutions of enterprise provide a deep technology revolution to sustain the competitive environment
  • It increases business processes agility by providing important features to be accessed, irrespective of the location, by the user

How to maintain relationship with Customers?

Engaging and retaining customers is as important as acquiring new ones. However, you need to devise unique methodologies and new-age systems to reach out to potential and existing customers as well as, an effective solution to manage customers and patrons. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the most sensitive and trickiest part of a business.
There are many factors that we need to track of customers by a common platform like

  • Purchase Pattern
  • Bill
  • Frequency visit
  • Value average etc.

As per the industry, you need a common platform to keep a track of customer behavior, purchase pattern, visit frequency, bill cut, the average value of purchase etc. So that it is hardly needed to Automation of a customer management process to make it way easier and quicker for streamline customer information. AJA SoftTech, by implementing CRM software in existing system as per user’s business requirements. We analyze their current system and business needs on which we base our CRM solutions for them. Whether it is B2B or B2C, we have proven record in implementing CRM software very successfully across industries.

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