Web Development

It is visible and you can be aware of the fact that the sites are not only a moderate powerful tool for distributing information instead, represents your business in Online. To design a robust website, online business is one of the factors for success and this has led to an increase in demand for specialist web design services. Towards serve this demand from people all over the world, we as web design and Development Company offer services with the aim of extremely high quality and modification are aligned with business goals. Our web design services are highly personalized and customized created to meet the demands of business people.

We use following web development technology

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce is a technique in which the company draws on the purchase and sale of their products or services over the Internet. E-commerce is usually composed of sales aspect of e-business. Our e-commerce web developers at AJA SoftTech is highly experienced and capable of designing and developing great e-commerce websites, with the open source shopping cart software easy and manageable features that allow your customers to fast and easily conduct transactions online with convenience. We as e-commerce website Development Company help you acquire new prospects for business and customers.

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Mobile Game Development

AJA SoftTech provides powerful end-to-end flexibility solutions to change the way you want to do business. Starting from the strategy, apps and web development, designing, testing, distribution, implementation, combination, and support; we as mobile game development company deliver solutions for android, iOS, Unity and Windows. Our professionals are focused on creativity and upgrading, as well as technical competence to ensure high quality and convenient applications. We specialize in developing impressive, innovative, complex and entertaining games to clients.Our top mobile game developers have no doubt that you will be hiring an experienced team of professionals with their knowledge, skills and creativeness to add into your game.

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Software Development

There is plentiful of the software development company in India and worldwide, but the wanting result is important. Customer well-being is our purpose and we endeavor to be responsible for our customers with the first-rate solutions. AJA SoftTech is a custom software development company, offering a full cycle of the custom software, outsourcing web development, products, improvement ideas and programming support count. Software development in India is increased day by day; its experience becomes a part of the lives of a life partner. Smartphone allows the insertion of mobile applications; a business strategy must have for business for all sectors, both in the services of B2B or B2C. Our professional and Experience software developers provide best and affordable software development services.

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Mobile Apps

The latest technology and the inflation of smartphone users in the current scenario clearly illustrate that promptly expanding importunity for mobile apps. AJA SoftTech is a leading in the mobile application development company offering development services designed for mobile application for android, iPhone, iPad, blackberry, and windows. Our intelligent, proficient and technical teams of mobile app developers India accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. We used advanced tools and technology to build highly customized mobile applications at a quality and very suitable rates. Our experience is the key to our excellence in mobile applications development.

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Enterprise Solution

As per global overview the value for an enterprise not just by enhancing our technology but also it need to improvement over our business processes and maximize benefits as well as providing help to manage risks. Enterprise software’s are available at plenty of set of programs. AJA SoftTech offers following enterprise criteria like.

  • Application Development & Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Core Business Operations Consulting
  • Core Business Operations Consulting
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Hire Developer

In Today’s dynamic world, two main areas namely mobility and outreach where businesses must focus on to ensure business will success. Flexibility and Adaptability of technological changes will be created in different devices like tablets and Smart Phones.There is great demand of tablets and smart phones is soaring with time in the market. With evergreen style Android, Windows, Blackberry as well as Apple have created their own market niche. We understand these platforms very well. In addition to our enthusiastic services, we offer our developer’s services on hire! Solely they work you and will meet at your requirements.

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Joan Smith

We get responsive and creative web design as per our requirement.Honestly they have good team and management.

Peter George

Excellent work by the team.Glad to say that I got right Company to make my business profitable.

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