Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a method of Internet Marketing that leverages social media networks to achieve strategic twin objectives of achieving market communication and branding in one go. Social media marketing includes much more than posting on Twitter and Facebook. However, there are many more social media platforms out there including Twitter and Facebook. The key to successful social media marketing is to ensure that you are able to find the ones where your customers are and connect with them. After all, they might be using other platforms instead.

With Social Media Marketing (SMM) services from AJA SoftTech, you remain in complete control of your messages right across the social media spectrum. We understand that generic marketing services will not meet your specific needs; hence we offer services that are tailored specifically to your company or organization.

There are various methods in which Social Media Marketing services from AJA Softtech can help you win the game. Our efforts will be in making your social media channels a two way dialogue, since most people will not appreciate a one way conversation which consists just of pushing sales messages.

We offer the following services to you:

  • SMM Consultancy : A social strategy developed based upon your end goals
  • Brand Management : Managing your brand across all channels in a single flavour
  • Utilization of Social PPC : We will utilize Social PPC to ensure that your presence on social channels is enhanced.
  • Monitoring Social Media : Monitoring of networks to make sure that you are ahead in every conversation happening on the Web about your company.
  • Social PR : With this tool, we will ensure that your content gets the coverage it requires.

What Next?

We offer completely custom pricing that is in harmony with your current situation in various social media and depending upon where you want to go from here. If you are looking for better results for your online business or want to magnify your presence online, then you are welcome to contact us to know more!


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We get responsive and creative web design as per our requirement.Honestly they have good team and management.

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Excellent work by the team.Glad to say that I got right Company to make my business profitable.

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