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.Net technology

AJA SoftTech is an ideal partner to develop web applications, as well as desktop applications using .net technology. As per the extensive hands-on experience of .net technology, we have power to develop the applications in ASP.net, VB.net and C#.

Team of AJA SoftTech remains updated with latest technologies available from Microsoft. Our experienced asp.net development team uses technologies like VB.net, C#, XML, Win Forms, web services and SQL Server database to create powerful applications that are as per your requirements and budget.

php development

Hypertext preprocessor language is one of the most popular and more widely developing languages; it is open source web development side language so that it has gained ground in the software market.

Implementation, Deployment and providing flexibility to open source based products in PHP by AJA SoftTech with right and smooth manner. PHP Web development is considered to offer the most efficient solution when in combination with LINUX, MySQL and Apache.

php Development provides following benefits:

  • php and php code are available free in the market.
  • For Enhancing the web development and language its pure open source to greater
  • Fast and turnaround time also very fast
  • Free upgrades are available in php and also cost effective nature
  • No hassles of license purchase or acquisition in php
  • Highly secure and reliable language

iPhone/iPad App Development

We have committed to deliver best mobile apps technology services at an affordable price; hence you can trust us to iPhone app development. To Cater large target audience and to be competitive in global; our iPhone development process help you for the same purpose. We have a right mix of skill, experience and technical know-how for iPhone application development.

Our best experienced and professionals in iPhone application are capable of developing iPhone business apps as per your requirements. We can develop interactive business apps that are useful in day-to-day business activities. We also provide optimization services for Phone apps development that is not an end of the work for us, but we have a following development area regarding.

  • Game development
  • Business Application Developing
  • Application areas such as Social Network, Custom, Web safari etc.
  • Audio Streaming

Unity Development

Unity is one of the game development platforms which is the cross-platform engine integrated with a complete set of latest tools and speed workflows to develop interactive 2D and 3D contents. We provide unity game development services for following criteria.

  • Racing Game
  • Adventure
  • Puzzle
  • Logically Approved
  • Entertaining Apps
  • Business Related Apps
  • Kids
  • Action Games
  • Casual


As per leading platform for developing mobile apps, AJA SoftTech has mastered the skill of developing highly customized and feature rich apps. Our Android Developers includes in developing sides there are

  • Social Networking apps
  • Hospitality and Entertainment related Apps
  • High-end Business related Apps

Our Android apps developers stay updated with the latest development in android OS. Our android developers create stunning app experience by using device-specific features such as camera, accelerometer, multi-touch capability and more. Our constant endeavor is to provide our global clientage with superior apps powered by advanced technology.

We work very enthusiastically with our clients to understand their app requirements and develop apps to their specifications, time frame, and budget. Our app development process is backed by inputs from app consultants with rich industry experience, expert app designers and developers.

As per one of the most challenging aspects of android application development is to keep the app performance consistent in varying screen size. Choose AJA SoftTech for an app development, we provide you better criteria amongst it.


For app development, design and publish; we provide one stop solutions to Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Developers at AJA SoftTech develop the apps with technical brilliance in complex manner. We have expertise in all windows applications for services like flawlessly porting your windows desktop apps to windows apps.

Whether you are seeking to develop a consumer app for the mass audience or an enterprise app specifically for your workforce, we have the expertise you can rely on. We also provide the services of flawlessly porting your Windows desktop apps to Windows Phone.

As per Windows Phone app Development Company, We have taken a strong command of Microsoft tools and technologies such as .NET, SDK, Visual Studio and others.

Our advanced infrastructure and unique offshore app development model allow for developing highly functional apps whilst keeping development cost low.

To provide advance Windows Phone apps, we stay updated with every new upgrade in the Windows Phone OS. We have deep understanding of leveraging the advanced features of Windows Phone 8 for developing high-end apps. Along with superior app capabilities, we also ensure your app has version compatibility and is secured to use.

If you are planning Windows Phone application development, feel free to send us a query about your app requirements.

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